Latinx Heritage Month 2020


2020 LHM Event Calendar

The Intercultural Center, along with the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS), would like to invite you to observe this year’s Latinx Heritage Month (LHM) from September 15 – October 15.  Our 2020 theme is “La Solidaridad”, which translates to solidarity. La Solidaridad means unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest. Given the current social and political climate, ensuring that everyone is able to find community and move as a family is crucial to one’s wellbeing. As we define the importance of support and unity, “La Solidaridad” as a community is a measure to be heard, to understand our Latinx origins, and to walk forth with the members of our home.

September 15: Latinx Heritage Month Pit Pop-up

Lunch & Dinner (Every Tuesday) | The Pit

Join the Harvest Table Culinary Group in the Pit for a “Pop Up” event every Tuesday featuring cuisines from the Latinx Diaspora.

Sponsored by: Harvest Table Culinary Group

September 17: Just One Word

5:00pm | Invite Only

“Just One Word” is a moderated dialogue that takes place over a lunch or dinner, during which participants share their understanding and experience of a specific word. By invitation only.

Sponsored by: Intercultural Center & the Organization of Latin American Students

September 18: Friday Morning Breakfast

9:00am | Virtual Event

Start your Friday off on the right foot by picking up a delicious breakfast at the Intercultural Center. Use the order form to select your own Bojangles’ breakfast biscuit, and we’ll have it waiting for you in the lounge bright and early! 

Sponsored by: Intercultural Center

September 21: Churros!

11:00am | Outside of the Pit

Come celebrate Latin Heritage Month with OLAS by grabbing a churro and some horchata to go!

Sponsored by: Organization of Latin American Students & the Student Activity Fee

September 22: Shaping the Legacy: Campus Partner Panel

5:30pm | Virtual Event

Join the Intercultural Center for a virtual networking panel with WFU faculty and staff, whose programs and initiatives support students of color. 

Sponsored by: Intercultural Center 

September 23: My Shelf to Yours

12:00pm | Virtual Event

This event allows individuals to select a book by a Latinx author. The carefully curated collection will feature a wide range of genres. Limited spots available. Registration required:

Sponsored by: Intercultural Center

September 23: Trivia Night

8pm | Virtual Event 

OLAS and Student Union will be hosting trivia night over Zoom! 

Sponsored by: Organization of Latin American Students & Student Union

September 24: Women of Color Dialogue: Latinx Heritage Month

5pm | Virtual Event

Women of Color Dialogues provide a space for students to explore and interrogate their unique identities. To celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, all who identify as women of color are invited to participate in a peer-to-peer discussion about the intersections of gender, race, and Latinx identity.

Sponsored by: Women’s Center & the Intercultural Center

September 28: iLab Lunch & Learn: “The Complexity of the “x” in Latinx

12pm | Register at

Join Cristobal Salinas Jr., Ph.D., an associate professor in the Educational Leadership and Research Methodology Department at Florida Atlantic University. This presentation will engage in a dialogue about the importance of Latinx/a/o/* students’ identities and labels that have been (mis)used, (mis)interpreted, and have not been fully examined. The goal is to illuminate how the politics of naming social identities can perpetuate structures of power, and work toward transforming higher education through critical naming processes.

Sponsored by: Intercultural Center

September 28 – October 2: World Cultural Week 

Events throughout the week

World Cultural Week is a virtual week of programming deriving from the World Cultural Festival, which is an annual celebration of difference to unite, inspire and entertain the entire campus community.

Sponsored by: Intercultural Center

October 1: Fiesta on the Quad

5:30pm | Davis Field Tents

Join us for Fiesta on the Quad! We want to showcase the different regions of Latin America, so there will be foods of all kinds and music!

Sponsored by: Organization of Latin American Students & the Student Activity Fee

October 2: Movie Night

8:00pm | Davis Field Tents

Celebrate Latin Heritage Month with a Latin inspired movie! Snacks and drinks will be provided!

Sponsored by: Organization of Latin American Students & the Student Activity Fee

October 6: Game Night

7:00pm | Virtual Event

Do you have what it takes to come out on top? Our Latin inspired virtual games will put you up to some serious competition while letting you experience different cultures!

Sponsored by: Organization of Latin American Students & the Student Activity Fee

October 7: DEAC Allies Special Topic: Queer + Latinx Experiences

4:00pm | Virtual Event

Join the LGBTQ+ Center for a Developing Empowering and Affirming Communities (D.E.A.C) Allies special session examining the intersections of sexual orientation, gender identities, and Latinx identities and heritage. Advanced registration requested; all members of the WFU community are invited to join for this opportunity to grow their knowledge and skills In creating a more inclusive community. 

Sponsored by: LGBTQ+ Center

October 8: Painting with Wellbeing

5:00pm | Davis Field Tents

Join OLAS and the Wellbeing Center for a break from classes to enjoy a relaxing painting session!

Sponsored by: Organization of Latin American Students & the Office of Wellbeing

October 14: Diversity in the Workplace 

12:00pm | Virtual Event

Join the Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) to hear local attorneys share their experiences as diverse professionals. The panel will teach law students how embracing their diverse backgrounds can enhance their work environments, and how it will provide them with strategies to deal with potential microaggressions they may face. Per law school event guidelines, participants have to register at the link below before they can receive an Zoom link

Sponsored by: Latino Law Student Association

October 14: The Latinx Vote & the 2020 Elections

4:00pm | Virtual Event

Sponsored by: Intercultural Center, Office of Civic & Community Engagement & Deacs Decide