The Intercultural Center strives to influence campus culture by cultivating intercultural knowledge, competency and leadership. We are committed to enhancing the experience of domestic and international underrepresented groups by offering co-curricular programming, student support and engagement, identity development initiatives and opportunities for comprehensive learning and development.

“The Intercultural Center was the first space that welcomed me with open arms my first year at Wake. The IC allows me to fully be myself—to laugh, to cry, to debate, and to create. It is more than just space. The IC is my home away from home.” Deja Dobson ('21)
“The Intercultural Center was the first place on campus I felt I could truly be myself. I met my first couple of friends there, learned unwritten campus rules from supportive upperclassmen and engaged with administration that not only pushed me to get out of my comfort zone but cared about my personal and academic growth. The IC helped me create the personal and professional relationships that would ultimately allow me to navigate and thrive in my new college life.” Eric Mora ('21)
Eric Mora