The M4 Initiative: Making Meaning of Men & Masculinities

The purpose of the M4 Initiative is to provide students an opportunity to explore the experiences of Black and Latino males, particularly as it relates to ideas of masculinity, critical factors for college success, as well as building relationships with peers through weekly dialogues, purposeful activities and fellowship.

WE3: Women Encouraging Empowerment Through Exploration

WE3: Women Encouraging Empowerment through Exploration, is a collaborative, nine-week discussion group that brings together students interested in exploring the experiences of Latina and Black women. Participants will have thought-provoking conversations, while learning from one another as well as Wake staff and faculty facilitators. The program is designed to affirm students’ innate worth, validate students’ value as members of the Wake Forest University community, and propel them toward becoming successful, well-informed and well-adjusted members of society.

AAIG: Asian American Identity Group

The goal of the AAIG: Asian American Identity Group is to provide WFU students an opportunity to attain a deeper understanding of the experiences of Asian American students at Wake, while also growing a sense of community. By exploring different topics such as cultural expectations and beauty standards, AAIG provides an educational discussion space for students, while also building a network that supports connection, peer education, and interpersonal relationship building among students.

The primary goal of the Identity Development Initiatives is to promote diversity, inclusion, openness, and understanding. These programs are intended to create a welcoming place for students who share common interests to meet and support one another’s perspectives with respect to particular identity groups. Each Initiative adheres to Wake Forest University’s policies, including the University’s Non-Discrimination Statement.