Student Support & Engagement

Intercultural Ambassadors

Intercultural Ambassadors will actively support the mission of the Intercultural Center by enhancing the experience of students from underrepresented groups and fostering an appreciation of diversity and inclusion. They will help to build an inclusive community, increase student engagement through involvement with co-curricular programming and ensure adequate assessment and buy-in of the Intercultural Center mission from the campus community.

Proteges Mentoring Program

The Protégés Mentoring Program (PMP), is a peer mentoring program that serves as a resource to students of color by assisting their social transition into the Wake Forest University community. PMP helps students by providing a continuing orientation to the University and community life, as well as inspiring students through a variety of support mechanisms. PMP provides incoming students with a peer mentor who not only has a genuine concern for the new student, but is also trained to assist them in their transition. New students will have this guide to help them learn the ins and outs of Wake Forest, as well as get them actively involved in new and exciting opportunities around campus.

Pre-registration for the 2016-17 program is now available! Please submit by August 17.